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Welcome to The Winning Academy. The leadership development platform for the dreamers, the creators, the ones who leave a legacy.

The Winning Academy was born out of the belief that a powerful leader exists within every one of us, title or not.

We provide a platform, programs, and coaching for leaders at all levels, to powerfully take on what it means to be a Legacy Leader and elevate their impact.

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6 month Coach Approach To Leadership Program
We partnered with this people-first organization to begin planting the seeds of a coaching culture by training their leaders on how to take a coach approach to their communication and in the development of their people.
Good To Great Leadership Workshops
Whole Life Leadership Coaching Program
"The WLL program has enabled me to create huge momentum in my life. I am clear on my WHY, and my goals don't seem exhausting or unobtainable. I have tons of energy and fire around going and getting what I want. I am also working harder now then I have ever before. Kristen is an intuitive and bold coach. She holds you capable of getting up to something bigger than you imagined you could." — Megan Woodruff
Building A Coaching Culture
Building out internal leadership development programs is a route many organizations are taking these days. Our extensive experience in implementing coaching cultures and training leaders how to coach made for a beautiful partnership with this high performance organization as they built out coaching within their organization.
Culture Cohesion Workshops and Coaching Programs
Culture Cohesion For Start Ups and Entrepreneurs
Leadership and Culture aren’t nice to haves they are must haves - even in start up phase. We have been working with the UBC Hatch Excelerator program to give these leaders the tools they need to build an effective culture in their startups from day one.
6 month Coach Approach to Leadership Program
Leadership can happen at any level, in any position, at any time. The leaders of this customer focused organization took on integrating the coach approach into their leadership style so that they could show up as powerful leaders no matter what the circumstances may be.
Good to Great Leadership Workshops
Inside of this mega organization is a thriving internship program that fuels the people needs of this great company with the best people out there. We had the privilege of working with these interns to discuss what it takes to build and be a part of a Winning Team.
Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching Programs
"Team coaching with Kristin has been instrumental in elevating our departments performance. Her authenticity, listening skills, and ability to capture our thoughts through team and leadership coaching assisted us to get beyond the barriers that were holding us back." — CAROLINE SMART, Director of supply chain and procurement — JOEY RESTAURANT GROUP
Strategic Planning
"Kristin did a fantastic job at setting the groundwork and facilitating our executive leadership retreat. I appreciated her ability to crystallize the material that surfaced allowing all team members to leave the retreat with a clear vision of what we as an organization need to accomplish. Kristin's in the moment leadership coaching and ability to engage and steer the group in the right direction was impressive even in the face of difficult topics and/or concepts." — MELISSA CUPA, HR Manager — KINDRED CONSTRUCTION
Culture Cohesion using Emergenetics
Emergenetics creates a common language for teams to engage and elevate their performance. We have had the pleasure of partnering with Herschel to begin implementing Emergenetics into their culture to build high performing teams and support their ongoing growth.