Corporate Leadership Development

We offer a variety of in person leadership workshops and coaching programs that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your leaders and your business. People are your number one competitive advantage. Invest in them to get to those business results you are out to achieve. Connect with us to explore which programs are right for your leaders and your business.

the legacy series

We believe that a powerful leader exists within everyone, title or not. We make it our mission to unleash these leaders into our organizations and communities so that they can create impact and leave their own unique legacy.

Our method - The Legacy Series. These online and blended programs leverage video based learning and video group calls to remove the barriers of location and time. This allows you to develop your leaders with minimal impact on the day to day business operations. Win / Win.

culture cohesion workshops leveragng emergenetics™

What is culture? 

It's this thing that we can't touch or see but we can definitely feel. It's the space in between people that either brings them together or pushes them apart. It's the blend of values, beliefs, symbols, rituals, and myths that all companies develop over time either intentionally or organically.

The Winning Academy Culture Cohesion workshops bring intention to your culture development. These workshops lay the  foundation for a common language to take hold, for understanding and the appreciation of diversity to flourish, and for winning teams to be born.

Using the Emergenetics™ psychometric assessment, these in-person workshops do more than introduce a new tool. They provide a deep awareness of how to utilize thinking and behavioural preferences to produce results in self and in others. This learning is then applied directly to the dynamics within teams, and the goals of your organization. 

coach approach to leadership training

The Winning Academy offers a series of custom coach training programs built for your organization.

We believe the number one skill you can develop as a leader is your ability to take a coach approach. Our programs involve a blend of theory and practice so leaders can gain the confidence needed to begin coaching inside of their organizations immediately.

In recent years, coaching has become widely recognized as a key skill in the world of leadership development. Great leaders know that in order to develop their people they need to do so much more than just manage productivity. A coaching skill set that enables leaders to step into a realm of development that creates accountability, empowerment and wholistic growth of their people. Our coaching programs provide leaders with hands on training to build these skill sets and evolve their own unique coaching styles.

The results your organization will see: a transformational shift in culture that promotes an environment of support, connection, and action.

coaching services

As certified coaches, we whole heartedly believe in the power of coaching to create impact and achieve results. Our coaching programs are designed for both individuals and teams, and are customizable to fit the needs of your organizations.

Coaching is a great resource for leaders to remain grounded, focused and engaged in their work. We help many leaders get that extra support they need to show up their best and achieve impactful results. 

As coaches, our role is to support, guide, and hold space, so leaders can perform at their best in all aspects of life.

Our one on one coaching programs guide leaders through a minimum 3 month program that focuses on clearly established objectives. We spend time benchmarking and goal setting so that growth can be felt and measured. 

Our group coaching programs help teams work through complex work scenarios such as cross-functional collaboration, team dynamics, raid growth, organizational change, restructuring, strategic planning, and performance management. We also facilitate advanced leadership conversations on topics such as vulnerable and mindful leadership.