12-Week Whole Life Leadership Coaching Program

Whole Life Leadership

Whole Life Leadership is a way of living and interacting with the world that will leave you thriving, inspired, and ready to play full out in your business and in your life.

As a whole life leader you are going to experience flow like never before. Through the 12-week Whole Life Leadership™ coaching program we are going to work to align your values with your goals and at the same time bring integration to all parts of your life.

You are going to define and live into what being the leader of your life is all about. We aren't going to do this by looking outside of ourselves, in fact, we are going to do the opposite. We are going to do a deep dive inwards and uncover who you need to be to create both the business and life that you really want.

This program is more than a course on goal setting. It's much more. We dive deep into mindset, values, and create long lasting systems and structures in your life to joyfully achieve with ease.

Who doesn't want that?

Program outline

  • Week 1: Discovery + Benchmarking
  • Week 2: Core Values Anchoring
  • Week 3: Core Values Development
  • Week 4: Find Your Flow
  • Week 5: Explore Your Why
  • Week 6: Whole Life Leader Visions
  • Week 7: Overcoming Limiting Barriers + Beliefs
  • Week 8: Creating 5 Way Wins
  • Week 9: Integration + Execution
  • Week 10: Coaching For Performance
  • Week 11: Integration + Execution
  • Week 12: Benchmarking + Next Steps

whole life leadership™ coaches

Megan Woodruff

Megan Woodruff is an ACC certified life coach.

Megan passionately guidies women to connect to unshakeable confidence by taking risks and playing a bigger game. 

Megan’s Values: Authentic Connections, Adventure, Growth, Purposeful Work and Love

Learn more about Megan's Whole Life Leadership programs HERE to see if she is the coach for you.

Kristin Constable - Business and Leadership Coach

Kristin Constable is a PCC certified Leadership and Business Coach and creator of the Whole Life Leadership™ program.

Kristin is passionate about supporting individuals in connecting to and leveraging their values so that they can show up as powerful values driven leaders whole life leaders. 

When working with Kristin she will encourage you to dream big and then execute like a pro.

Learn more about Kristin's Whole Life Leadership programs HERE to see if she is the coach for you.


  • 12-week immersive journey 
  • 10 x 75 min coaching sessions
  • An experienced and certified coach in your corner every step of the way
  • Whole Life Leadership™ Workbook
  • check
    VIA Strengths Assessment
  • Values Exploration
  • Weekly Implementation Practices & Exercises
  • Life long access to the Whole Life Leadership™Alumni closed Facebook group
  • Optional mastermind to continue with post program

Investment: $1500