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Founder, Leadership Coach and Strategist

Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Certified Associate, Emergenetics Canada

After 10 years of working in a variety of HR and leadership development roles I took the leap and left my corporate role to start the Winning Academy. My dream was to bring values driven leadership to an even bigger audience.

In my experience coaching leaders  a simple yet crucial question continued to rumble throughout all organizations I worked with. The question was, "What is Leadership?".

My belief is that a powerful leader is in every person, title or not. And it’s not so much about learning how to “be a leader” as it is about unleashing the powerful leader that is already there.

When we are connected to our authentic values, our bigger purpose, and have clarity around where we are going and the results we are out to create, leadership happens.

Just imagine if we ran businesses and worked in organizations where every individual working from their authentic leadership purpose. That's my WHY.

Kristin's Values: Creating Ripple Effects, Meaningful Connection, Wellness, Adventure, Life Long Learning


Partner, Leadership Coach and Strategist

Associate Certified Coach, ICF

Advanced Certified Associate, Emergenetics Canada

As my career has developed over the past 8 years, my purpose remains constant; I thrive when I am supporting the success of others.  

Working as a certified coach in multiple HR and Learning & Development roles, I have honed my skills and passion for leadership development.

I love to work with organizations to help shape, develop and grow leaders at all levels of the business by taking a coach approach and unleashing the capabilities of individuals and teams.

When we hold space for others to discover their own abilities, we allow them to achieve clearer, more impactful results connected to their own wins, whatever those may be.

Creating opportunities for people to step into and live their best lives is my WHY.

Ashley's Values: Connection, Family, Growth, & Continuous Learning

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Megan's Values: Authentic Connections, Adventure, Growth, Purposeful Work and Love