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Coach Approach To Leadership

In this 6 month coach training program for leaders, participants will take an in-depth look at what it means to take a coach approach to their leadership. The purpose of this extended program is to build a culture of coaching within your organization.

This highly interactive workshop series covers three major objectives over 6 in person workshops:

1. To equip managers with basic coaching skills so that they can take a coach approach to their leadership, management, and customer relationships.

2. To develop leaders to have an entrepreneurial spirit and find their own answers.

3. To create a pipeline of talented leaders that are being developed to step into leadership roles as the company grows.


Month 1: Introduction To Coaching Part 1

Month 2: Introduction To Coaching Part 

Month 3: Coaching Using Emergenetics™

Month 4: Coaching and Managing Self

Month 5: Leadership Legacy

Month 6: Creating A Coaching Culture

MONTH 1: Introduction To Coaching Part 1

MONTH 2: Introduction To Coaching Part 2

MONTH 3: Coaching Using Emergenetics™

  • Understands what coaching is and what it is not
  • Can demonstrate an understanding and application of the core coaching skills 
  • Can leverage the Emergenetics™ model in coaching moments and conversations
  • Understands why coaching works and when to best leverage it in your leadership
  • Understands the role vulnerability plays in the coaching process
  • Is aware of personal preferences and biases as a coach
  • Can describe the coaching model, process and stages
  • Can apply the Radical Candor Model™ to coaching conversations
  • Is able to adapt coaching style based on the preferences of the person being coached
  • Is able to start applying the coaching skills and tools from the model in coaching conversations
  • Can effectively use the coach approach in the action planning process
  • Can leverage the Personal Growth Plan tool in the development of their people

MONTH 4: Coaching and Managing Self

MONTH 5: Leadership Legacy

MONTH 6: Creating A Coaching Culture

  • Has clarity and connection to personal values
  • Has begun to exploring their unique leadership legacy
  • Demonstrates coaching competency
  • Is able to effectively allocate their time and energy resources
  • Is connected to and can leverage their signature presence to show up authentically as a coach and leader
  • Co-create next steps for the coaching culture
  • Is able to work through triggers in order to respond vs. react
  • Can effectively have impactful coaching moments as well as conversations
  • Create an actionable one year coaching culture plan for the organization
  • Is able to use the coaching tools to coach themselves
  • Has a personal growth plan in place to continue the coach approach to leadership development journey
  • Celebration and Graduation


Ashley Treleaven
Kristin Constable - Business and Leadership Coach

Ashley Treleaven is an ACC certified leadership coach and consultant with over 8 years of coaching and leadership development experience inside of organizations.

Ashley's passion is working with organizations to help shape, develop and grow leaders at all levels of the business by taking a coach approach and unleashing the capabilities of individuals and teams.

When working with Ashley she will hold you capable to create results and habits that will make you thrive.

Kristin Constable is a PCC certified Leadership and Business Coach with over 8 years of experience coaching leaders and entrepreneurs.

Kristin is passionate about supporting individuals in connecting to and leveraging their values so that they can show up as powerful values driven leaders whole life leaders.

When working with Kristin she will encourage you to dream big and then execute like a pro.