Values Driven Leadership Intro Course








What Is Values Driven Leadership? 

It’s living and leading from a place of passion and purpose. It’s being and acting in alignment with what matters to you most. It’s your unique style of leadership that transcends every area of your life.

When we live and lead from our values we show up as the most powerful version of ourselves and we inspire others to do the same. This is where Legacy Leadership is born. 


This course is made up of four modules:

1. Values Driven Leadership Defined

  • Learn about why values driven leadership matters and the difference it can make for you.

2. Values Exploration

  • Begin your values exploration journey with 42 values and end by claiming 5 core values and any non-values. 

3. Values Mapping

  • There has been found to be a direct correlation between how strongly your values are being lived and how in flow you feel. Identify the opportunities you have to live more fully in your values and increase your flow.

4. Values Driven Goal Design

  • This is next level goal setting. Rather than setting end goals that are empty and meaningless learn to set goals that will have you enjoy the journey and happily achieve. 




“This course is fantastic on many levels. The content is accessible and I felt well set up to do the worksheets on my own. Discovering my core values – nature, connection, and freedom – gave me confidence and clarity to go after what I want. Thank you for this amazing course!!!”

Urszula Lipsztajn, Founder, Workbrite

“The Values Driven Leadership Mini Course course is a must do! Kristin delivers her material in a simple, concise and interactive way. During this course, Kristin was able to empower me to look within myself in defining my Core Values and to integrate those core values within all areas of my life. I would recommend this course to anyone that is curious on how to live a genuine life.”

Dede Monette,  Founder, Tofino Yoga

“This is an awesome course! The flow is clear, fun and easy to follow. The content is delivered nicely as each section starts with a video then followed by an exercise (worksheets provided) that gives participants the opportunity to implement what was shared. I highly recommend this course!”

Faris Khalifeh, Founder, Quiet Leadership