Whole Life Leadership Coach Certification

Coach Certification

The Whole Life Leadership Affiliate Coach Certification Program has been designed for coaches who are looking to take their coaching and business offerings to the next level. Certified Whole Life Leadership (WLL) Coaches will be equipped to coach individuals through a 12-week WLL Coaching Program.

As a WLL Affiliate Coach, you will have the privilege of guiding your participants through a journey of self discovery, values driven goal designing, and goal implementation. By uncovering their Whole Life Leadership Blueprint and creating an actionable One Year Strategic Plan, participants of your programs will have clarity around what they really want and will be set up with the tools, systems, and mindset to make things happen.

Program outline

  • Module 1: Welcome to Whole Life Leadership
  • Module 2: Core Values
  • Module 3: Strengths Based Leadership
  • Module 4: Exploring Your Why
  • Module 5: Whole Life Leadership Visions
  • Module 6: Overcoming Barriers & Limiting Beliefs
  • Module 7: Creating 5 Way Wins
  • Module 8: Coaching For Performance
  • Module 9: Benchmarking + Next Steps
  • Module 10: Evaluation + Celebration

certification program coach + FacilitatoR

Kristin Constable - Business and Leadership Coach

Kristin Constable is a PCC certified Leadership and Business Coach and creator of the Whole Life Leadership program.

Kristin is passionate about supporting individuals in connecting to and leveraging their values so that they can show up as powerful values driven leaders whole life leaders. 

When working with Kristin she will encourage you to dream big and then execute like a pro.


  • 8-week journey and takes a blended approach of online video based learning and group training calls via video conference.
  • Coaches will gain advanced coach training directly corresponding with the ICF Core Competencies and also dig deep into personal and professional development.
  • The Winning Academy is a certified ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE) provider, therefore coaches may apply 13.76 CCEU's credits from this course towards the renewal of their ICF credentials.
  • In addition to becoming a Certified WLL Affiliate Coach you will become an integral part of the Winning Academy Coaches Collective; a community of values aligned coaches out to create big impact in the world through their work.
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    You will have unlimited access to Kristin Constable, the creator of the Whole Life Leadership™ program for the full program.

Investment: $1500

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