Winning Circle Mastermind

Winning Circle Mastermind

For Whole Life Leadership Program graduates only.

Where the best of the best come to continue their Whole Life Leader journey and next level their performance.

We know it can be hard to keep the momentum you built up in your Whole Life Leadership program going on your own. You can have the best intentions but without some structure and supportive accountability partners our personal development  can sometimes take a back seat.

We hate to see this happen. As your coaches we are committed to your growth, development and goals way beyond our 12 week coaching programs together. That's why the Winning Circle Mastermind exists. 

This is perfect for you if:

  • you want to keep the momentum of your coaching program work going.
  • you want to take things to the next level and dive deeper or go further.
  • you want a coach in your corner but aren’t ready to invest in a full on coaching program.
  • you enjoy the accountability and support from other high vibe whole life leaders.
  • you are committed making your continued growth and development a priority in your calendar.

monthly mastermind topics



JANuary 2019

  • Conquering Social Comparison 
  • Holiday Break No Mastermind
  • Hacking Willpower
  • November 2018: Conquering Social Comparison
  • December 2018: Hacking Willpower
  • January 2019: Winning Habits

Winning circle coaches + Facilitators

Megan Woodruff

Megan Woodruff is an ACC certified life coach.

Megan passionately guides women to connect to unshakeable confidence by taking risks and playing a bigger game. 

Megan’s Values: Authentic Connections, Adventure, Growth, Purposeful Work and Love

Kristin Constable - Business and Leadership Coach

Kristin Constable is a PCC certified Leadership and Business Coach with over 8 years of experience coaching leaders and entrepreneurs.

Kristin is passionate about supporting individuals in connecting to and leveraging their values so that they can show up as powerful values driven leaders whole life leaders. 

When working with Kristin she will encourage you to dream big and then execute like a pro.


  • Monthly video group coaching sessions where we deep dive into a topic to support your continued growth and development.
  • Access to an online members only course platform where we will share the session recordings, inspirational resources, fresh exercises and practices.  
  • Fresh exercises and tools to explore and integrate into what you are working on.
  • A resource library of inspiring reading and videos to tap into when you need a little inspo or boost. 
  • A network of accountability partners up to the same personal development work as you.
  • check
    Two certified coaches to leverage at any time with questions or for support.
  • A structured process to keep your values driven goals alive and energized.
  • You will have access to all training and resources for as long as you are a member. You can cancel your Mastermind membership at any time with 30 days notice.